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Concerts by Pavel Sedlacek & Ivo Sedlacek

Very few musical instruments hold such a special status as the handpan (also known as hang drum or pantam). And very few instruments can be so absorbing, harmonising and creative - if played in the right way.

Pavel Sedlacek is one of the most promising young handpan players of today. He is a personal student of two of the most well-known players: David Kuckhermann and Kabecao.

During the "Mystical Handpan" concert you will be fully immersed in the sounds of these amazing instruments in their various forms and tunings.

You can enjoy solo pieces by Pavel as well as other performances where he is accompanied with other beautiful instruments played by Ivo Sedlacek which brings about a very unique and deep musical experience.

During the concert you will have the opportunity to listen to some of the most sought after handpans in the world created by OMana and Yishama.

Mystical Handpan concerts are ideal for concert venues suitable for beautiful sublime music and concentrated listening.

Here you can listen to some of Pavel Sedlacek's handpan performances:  



And here is a mesmerising piece played by Pavel and Ivo, flowing over the beautiful landscapes of Scotland and Ireland:


For many other handpan videos, please visit the Youtube channel Pavel Sedlacek - Pantam Music

If interested to host a concert, please use the contacts on this website.