During Ivo Sedlacek's "Mystical Violin" concerts, his unique violins and violas will flow from subtle and ethereal levels to dynamic and virtuosic passages.

 "MYSTICAL VIOLIN”  concerts

All of Ivo's concerts are mesmerizing musical journeys that gently unfold over time. Energizing music that slowly envelopes your heart while it vibrates your soul with joy. Sometimes subtle and ethereal, while other times uplifting and dynamic, every concert presents a unique multi-coloured mosaic of mystical sound.

A sense of adventure permeates the air at Ivo’s concerts even before the music begins – as you view the huge array of unique music instruments on the stage: violin, a huge 30-stringed viola, concert monochord, rare flutes, special tuned brass gongs, unusual stringed instruments, a hang drum and many others. Quite a sight to behold!

Then, the music begins. The instruments start like a gentle rain, and the boundaries between the performer and listener slowly begin to disappear. Magical landscapes form as beautiful sounds move between quiet and virtuosic passages – each concert flowing like one continuously unfolding story.

Over the years, Ivo Sedlacek has performed on numerous prestigious concert stages - including the Czech Symphony Orchestra St. Simon & Juda Concert Hall Prague, Festival Colours of Ostrava and many other venues in Switzerland, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, France, Ireland, Israel, Japan, India, Taiwan and other countries.

His Mystical Violin concert is a purely acoustical event and does not require any amplification. It is ideal for classical concert halls and venues such as churches, cathedrals, chapels, galleries, spiritual music festivals etc.

Upon request, Ivo is also happy to perform exclusive concerts at smaller, more intimate events or special occassions.

At his concerts, Ivo is accompanied by his talented son Pavel.

If interested to host a concert, please use the contacts on this website.