Relaxation and meditation

The ability to unwind, “attune” and harmonize your body and mind is an extremely important ‘survival skill’ in today’s hectic era full of stress, tension, and heightened demands.

Just as we devote regular time each day to cleansing and beautifying our body, we should devote equal time to the regular cleansing, relaxation, regeneration and beautifying of our mind and soul – which is equally important for improving the quality of our lives. For most people, however, it is a mystery how select the techniques and traditions that best suit your individual personality and temperament.

That very question is the subject of our seminar on relaxation and mental techniques, which is intended for the broadest possible circle of people. We teach various methods of physical relaxation and regeneration, and demonstrate numerous techniques for the effective relaxation and calming of the mind, the dissolution of physical and mental blocks, and the drawing of new energy. You can then choose what suits you best and make it part of your daily routine.

We also touch on other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including inspirational aspects of vital and life-giving eating. All under the healing umbrella of uplifting and energising live music…