The strings belong to the most touching music instruments, capable to bring a large scale of emotions, mystical tones and subtle nuances.-

The strings are at the core of Ivo Sedlacek's music instruments spectrum. 

Besides the classical master instruments (violin, viola), you can see and hear also very special and monumental instruments, combining violin and viola with a large number of sympathetic strings. This results in very rich spacey sound with beautiful resonances and a large scale of expressive possibilities.

Treasures of the strings

(including the master instruments of "Giuseppe Rocca" a "Tomáš Pilař")

"Astral" viola with 26 strings

A unique master instrument (the only of its kind), that contains 5 playing strings in the range violin - viola and 21 sympathetic strings. This gives the instrument an amazing, breath taking dimension with incredible space and sound stage, full of subtle ethereal vibrations.

Bass viola

A unique huge bass viola with 5 playing strings (including the low F) and 25 sympathetic strings. Deeply touching instrument resembling a violoncello with rich space and ethereal resonances