Dervish Dance

Dervish Dance Ivo Sedláček & Pavel Sedláček

Ivo Sedlacek - spherical violin, flute, concert monochord, polytanpura, tuned glass, drums, vocals
Pavel Sedlacek - OMana handpans

This album brings music for the modern way of the ancient "Dervish Dance" practice. Ivo Sedlacek and Pavel Sedlacek created a new and unique form of this music based on the rhythmical and melodic structures of handpans and percussions in connection with many other wonderful musical instruments. This music will guide you through the whole process in all its parts.

The detailed instruction for the practice are included in the CD booklet.

Here you can watch a short introductory video about Dervish Dance and this album:

Publisher: Savita Music
Publishing year: 2021

1 1. Attuning 1:57
2 2. North 6:52
3 3. South 6:55
4 4. East-West 7:37
5 5. All Directions 8:11
6 6. Whirling 11:10
7 7. Relaxation 10:27
8 8. Opening Eyes 4:39
The whole album 57:48 12.95 €