Exclusive music lessons

Would you like to enter deeper dimensions while playing various musical instruments ? Now you have the opportunity.

Exclusive music lessons with Ivo Sedlacek

If you want to improve your skills on various musical instruments, deepen your inspiration, creativity and improvisation skills, individual lessons with Ivo Sedlacek are now available. They include the following musical instruments: string instruments (kantele, monochord, tanpura etc.), wind instruments (native flutes, meditation flutes), strings, melodic percussion and also resonation therapy instruments (sound bed and craddle, bowls, gongs etc.)

Handpan lessons with Pavel Sedlacek

Do you want to learn how to play handpan and improve your skills on this unique instrument ? You can come for individual lessons with Pavel Sedlacek - who is considered to be one of the most remarkable players on this instrument. 
Available for both beginners and more advanced players.