An absorbing musical journey into the most intimate dimensions of sound. Magical landscapes form as beautiful sounds move between quiet and virtuosic passages – each concert flowing like one unique and continuously unfolding story.

Ivo Sedlacek & Pavel Sedlacek
(Czech Republic)

Ivo Sedlacek - spherical violins, string instruments, flutes
Pavel Sedlacek - handpans, guitar, tuned glass

Welcome to the unique concerts by Ivo & Pavel: mesmerizing musical journeys that gently unfold over time. Energizing music that slowly envelopes your heart while it vibrates your soul with joy.
Sometimes subtle and ethereal, while other times uplifting, virtuosic and dynamic, every concert presents a unique multi-coloured mosaic of mystical sound.

You will be fully immersed in the sound of truly unique and beautiful musical instruments, some of them the only of its kind in the world:

The amazing Ivo's spherical violins "Orion" and "Sirius" with 33 strings will bring the sound that you probably never heard before ... 

Pavel Sedlacek (Ivo's son) is considered to be one of the most remarkable world players and virtuoso on the mystical instruments called handpans (hang drums)

Ivo and Pavel have been playing together for many years and performed with a great success on concerts in Europe, Canada, USA, Taiwan, Japan and now they set for their concert tour in Australia.

The concerts are acoustic and are ideal for all classical music venues and audience and other concert venues suitable for beautiful sublime music and concentrated listening.

Here you can listen to some of Ivo&Pavel's music:


Some feedbacks from the concerts participants:

"Beautiful ! I am so happy to got to see you perform in Los Angeles. I love the CD and listen to it every day"
                                     Krista Benson

"Ivo Sedlacek and Pavel Sedlacek - thank you for the extra special event, for your music and for the journey to the inner and outer spheres. It was awesome !!"
                                     L Óbelt Le Grand

"The sound of Ivo's violin is indescribable and it immediately brings us to the spheres without any limitations. Incredibly deep experience. It was also beautiful to watch the flowing subtle musical communication between father and son"
                                     Jiri Cernota (BEWIT)

"Their show in LA was top notch ! Both of them are extremely talented and humble and I enjoyed meeting them immensely. It is a sure treat for anyone who can make it !"
                                     Stevan Morris

We are still so impressed by last night's concert. Your music showed us that there are still some new undiscovered dimensions of sound which are so beautiful and not only evoke emotions but mainly touch the soul and spirit.
                                      Dorota Woźny

"Some experience cannot be described by words ... this was one of them ... never before I shed tears from a pure beauty .."
Lenka Schuldesova

"I had the chance to hear this violin live, in Csesznek Kisboldogasszony temple yesterday 2019.July.06., and I must say, it's sound is divine, and makes your eyes filled with tears when you fly with the sound of this instrument ! Never before heard such richness and unique tones ! It makes you feel like being up amongst the angels and flying with them.. So many thanks Ivo, a lifelong experience it was. Peace and respect !"
                                      L Óbelt Le Grand

Interstellar experience. Few tones of violin and handpan and the consciousness transcends over the normal dimension. Thank you, Ivo and Pavel. Looking forward to the next time. 
                                      Tereza Kostkova

"My wife was so deeply impressed by your concert, she was shedding tears during half of it ... We are still so deeply touched by it"
                                      Anton Reva

Now after 10 days listening your music I can tell you that it's a real mystical moment. Panthéon and Silentium are precious moments taking me far in deep méditation .Thanks Ivo and thank you too Pavel, for such a musical grace. Soundtracks and compositions are fantastic and it's so nice to know that son and father are playing...
                                      Philippe Djoharikian

... and one of the most incredible feedbacks found on the violin after the concert in Italy:

"Thank you for the extra special event, for your music and for the journey to the inner and outer spheres. It was awesome !!"

L Óbelt Le Grand