Ivo Sedlacek's workshops and seminars are not only filled by his inimitable uplifting live music but will also bring you deep unique experience and rich inspiration for your own practice.

You will become acquainted with a broad range of new findings, and undergo various effective techniques – regenerating, reinforcing, and refreshing your inner system.

There is a number of specialised courses and seminars dedicated to deeper aspects of the development of personality, self knowledge, yoga, music and transpersonal techniques.

Courses can be designed for one day, a weekend, or several days.

Whatever your interests, please feel free to contact us with your ideas. We will gladly fill you in on all the necessary details and ways we can adapt our courses to address your particular needs and interests.

All seminars take place under the leadership of Ivo Sedlacek, while the seminar Savita Yoga is led by Gejza M. Timcak and Ivo Sedlacek.