Mantras - the reflections of the universal energies

Mantras are powerful vibrational energy patterns that can influence, tune, re-structure or interlink different levels of consciousness.

Workshops, seminars and individual lessons (conducted by Ivo Sedlacek)

Under the guidance of Ivo Sedlacek, you can learn how to chant the mantras correctly and how to use their energy so that their real power is awakened to help you to enhance many areas of your life and self-development.

Commonly believed to be of divine origin, many of the most influential mantras were revealed to sages in a state of meditation. However, to unlock the real potential of these mantras one must know how to use them, correctly pronouncing and chanting them. Only then can the deep and beneficial effects of mantras be revealed, and the power described in ancient scriptures be summoned.

Ivo Sedlacek is considered as one of the foremost expert in mantras. His knowledge of mantras comes from years of study with genuine Yoga Masters as well as Masters of the Brahmanic tradition in India.

During the seminar, you can explore the fundamental aspects of mantras based on original vedic and spiritual traditions. You will learn how to pronounce, recite, and use mantras in various ways, also in conjunction with various forms of visualisation, breathing, and mental techniques and also with the unique live inspired music. In this approach you are empowered to effectively harness the energy of mantras at any time in the framework of regular practice, momentary needs, and as part of long-term personal development.

We will not neglect “lighter” forms of mantras and will happily sing mantras and songs from various spiritual traditions – Indian, Christian, Native American, Sufi and Hebrew – combining them also with joyful, spontaneous movement and dance.