Shrí Chakra Sadhana

Shrí Chakra Sadhana Ivo Sedlacek - mantra chanting, vocals, tanpura, string instruments

 The latest Ivo Sedlacek's album brings profound mantras connected to the mystical principle of the Shrí Chakra, that symbolises processes creating this world and the universe. All these processes are also being reflected inside us, within our mind and our flow of life.

These very special and powerful mantras are known for ages, yet it is for the first time in the history when they were finally captured in the form of a music recording (chanted by Ivo Sedlacek), thus becoming available for all the adepts.

These mantras are also a part of very complex transforming practices and processes (Shrí Chakra Sadhana), that we can come through step by step and that in the result can very deeply and positively influence our inner insights and also our daily life in this world. Very detailed description of all these practices can be found in the CD booklet. You can experience all these processes live during our Savita Yoga workshops and seminars.

HERE you can have a look at the list of all these mantras. Before chanting each mantra, there is always a short invocation of the Patron of the given level.


Publisher: Savita Music
Publishing year: 2017

1 Level 1 6:59
2 Level 2 7:13
3 Level 3 7:13
4 Level 4 7:27
5 Level 5 7:12
6 Level 6 6:57
7 Level 7 7:32
8 Level 8 7:06
9 Level 9 7:38
10 Mahasodasi Mantra 11:27
The whole album 76:44 10.00 €