SILENTIUM Ivo Sedláček

Ivo Sedlacek - violin, flute, grand concert monochord, RAV drum, tuned glass, overtone bells, vocals

Pavel Sedlacek - OMana handpan

Ivo Sedlacek's new album brings beautiful, sublime music that gently oscillates between sound and silence, to soothe your mind and bring you towards deeper levels of your being.
You will become immersed in the most intimate details and sounds of many beautiful and unique musical instruments.
This is the first album where Ivo's son Pavel plays together with his father.

Publisher: Savita Music
Publishing year: 2018

1 Mystical gateway 5:18
2 Interspace 12:10
3 Reconcilliation 9:43
4 Silentium 10:34
5 Singing whale 10:12
6 OMana Celtic Phantasy 6:29
The whole album 54:26 10.00 €