Yamuna - Arunachala

Yamuna - Arunachala Sujata Kimiko, Ivo Sedláček, Shepherd

Sujata Kimiko - vocals
Ivo Sedlacek - violin, viola, flutes, zither
Shepherd - guitar, vocals

At the dawn of the new millennium, Sujata, Shepherd and Ivo met for the first time at the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala in South India. This album is the first reflection of the musical inspiration that followed: a flowing tapestry of Indian, Japanese and Hebrew spiritual songs with a rich instrumentation.

The album is currently available only in the download version.

Publisher: Savita Music
Publishing year: 2000

1 Ganga Yamuna 8:46
2 Wage Daichi No Uta 5:40
3 Arunachala 3:57
4 Jai Radha Madhava 8:02
5 Tsur Mishelo 7:00
6 Boi el Gani 3:56
7 Flowing as a River 4:01
8 Taneke Tanpura 7:41
The whole album 49:03 10.00 €