Zen Ivo Sedláček & Pavel Sedláček

  • Ivo Sedlacek - spherical violins, flutes, string instruments, overtone bells, vocals
  • Pavel Sedlacek - Omana handpans, sansula
  • special guest: Patrik Kee - vocals

    Our new album "Zen" opens a deep and unique inner journey that can help you to relax, illuminate and harmonize your body and mind and to open yourself to the most subtle dimensions of the inner Self.

    Within our spontaneously flowing music, you will hear the unique musical instruments such as the spherical violins Orion and Sirius, meditation flutes, the beautiful new Innato flutes, string instruments, melodic percussion, and the exquisite Omana handpans.

    This is our sixth album we made together (following Silentium, Pantheon, Into The Dream, Dervish Dance, and Inner Light).

    A special guest on this album is the singer Patrik Kee Kedzierski, whose amazing voice adds another dimension to our music in two tracks.

    You can also watch several pieces from this album in the form of scenic music videos on our YouTube channel: Mystical Duet - Ivo Sedlacek & Pavel Sedlacek.

    We would be happy if our music brings you deep and inspiring experiences that you will return to, and we look forward to meeting you at our concerts, seminars, or through our videos.


Publisher: Savita Music
Publishing year: 2023

1 1. Touch and Fly 4:43
2 2. Mystical Emptiness 6:17
3 3. Zen 7:47
4 4. Innato 5:46
5 5. Journey Into The Space 5:42
6 6. Artic Lullaby 4:58
7 7. Bells Of The Infinite 8:08
8 8. Shaman (Olafur Arnalds) 2:43
9 9. Song Of Syria 3:18
10 10. Hoo-Yoo (Innato Ritual) 7:09
11 11.Northern Lights 3:31
12 12. On The Path To The Divine 6:41
The whole album 66:43 10.00 €